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    Fantasy Archipelago

    Art prints featuring a landscape with surreal architecture and vibrant colors, perfect for sci-fi and fantasy lovers. Available on Society6.

    Wallpaper ‘Vivid Peaks’

    Please feel free to download this set of wallpapers, where digital landscapes blend with vibrant colors.

    Between Art and Algorithm: Navigating the Uncanny Valley

    AI can create visually compelling images that are superficially realistic but often feel eerily unnatural to human observers. This unsettling effect, known as the uncanny valley, prompts questions about the emotional resonance and authenticity of AI generated art.

  • Art Is the Language of Emotion

    To speak of art is to speak of something both specific and abstract, a concept that has been attempted and failed to be defined many times before. However, there is one constant.

  • My Favourite Movies

    Get inspired with this list of some of my favorite movies! Each movie has a short introduction that will hopefully ignite your curiosity.