Evelyn Schubert —

Art & Design

I’m a Berlin based designer with a passion for technology and philosophy. I create brand identities, websites, illustrations, user interfaces and everything in-between.

I studied design and art at the UdK in Berlin and at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice. I completed my studies in 2007 and graduated with a diploma in Visual Communication.

Out of interest and the love for knowledge I continued studying and enrolled at the Free University of Berlin for Philosophy and Informatics, while also working as a Graphic Designer additionally.

I’m also a photographer and fluent in creating analog and digital photographic images. Light is the main part of photography and the virtuous handling of light is one of my passions.

Over the last 7 years I have specialised in designing brand identity. I can help you to define and develop your visual representation, either from scratch or modernise the existing design according to your custom needs.

For me the union of Visual Communication, Philosophy and Technology is crucial for creating persuasive design.

Philosophy —

Six principles guide my design philosophy:

1. Design is not art.

2. Great design is invisible.

3. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

4. Technology serves human.

5. The experience belongs to the user.

6. I can’t design without real content.

Skills —

Corporate Design
Visual Ideation and Illustration
Profound Printing and Typography Knowledge
Icon and Logo Design
Color Management
HTML5 / CSS / WordPress
Responsive Web Design
UX Design
Digital and Analoge Photography
High-end Retouching
Video Editing and Color Grading

Service —

My Clients range from internet service providers, film production companies, architects, software companies, interior design shops, video post processing companies, startups and the occasional “Lost Dog” flyer for a friend in need.

I can help you with all things design related. With global communication erasing all barriers between clients and creative solutions, I am essentially right next door.


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